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Stop unwanted emails from distracting you

Stop chasing inbox zero and start living inbox zero-distractions.
Say goodbye to annoying newsletters, sales pitches, and other unsolicited emails to enjoy a more productive email inbox with InMoat.

Build a moat for your inbox

InMoat is an AI-powered email integration that enhances your email experience by intelligently detecting and deflecting unsolicited and unwanted emails based on your preferences and priorities. Save hours of your time from manually sifting through hundreds of unwanted and irrelevant emails. An InMoat powered inbox is a more productive inbox.

Build a Moat for your Inbox with InMoat's Email Smart Filters.

How InMoat stops unwanted emails

Approve your Trusted Sources

InMoat analyzes your inbox to seamlessly identify known contacts within your networks, such as your colleagues, clients, vendors, and associates to mark them as Trusted Sources.

Any incoming emails from your Trusted Sources will never be filtered. Plus, you can always add & remove Trusted Sources as your network changes.

InMoat - Trust Based Email
InMoat - Stop Unwanted Email

Select your Smart Filters

InMoat allows you to select from a predefined list of email Smart Filters that are used to identify and order your unsolicited and unwanted emails for you.

Whether you’re sifting through unwanted sales pitch emails, constant “follow-up” emails, random webinar invitations, or any other unsolicited emails, InMoat’s AI-Powered Email Smart Filters have you covered.

Your @InMoat Folder

Any unsolicited emails that don’t fit your Smart Filter criteria will be conveniently placed in the @InMoat folder located within your inbox – leaving your primary inbox with only the relevant and pertinent emails that require your attention.

InMoat will never delete your emails, so you can always toggle between your primary inbox and @InMoat folder to review any filtered emails.

Your @InMoat Folder
InMoat for Journalists Organization Meets Productivity

Email Inbox Insights

Gain insights by reviewing InMoat’s automated inbox reporting to learn how your new inbox is working for you.

By checking the InMoat dashboard you can review how many unwanted emails you are receiving and how much time you’re saving every day with InMoat’s Email Smart Filters.

“I love getting unsolicited emails!”

– no one ever.

At the end of the day, it’s your inbox. So why let it get away from you? Stop letting incoming distractions clutter your inbox and waste hours of your precious time.

With InMoat, you can rest easy knowing that your inbox is always taking care of incoming emails. InMoat’s Smart Filters are working behind-the-scenes to automatically scan and sort emails as they are received.

The result? A neatly organized inbox with only the important and relevant emails that require your attention.

Regain control of your inbox today.

Your data and privacy

Safe & Secure with InMoat's AI Powered Email Smart Filters

We take privacy very seriously and that means we will always be transparent with our users. First and foremost, we will never keep, sell, or analyze your data. Our commitment is to only use your data for the purposes outlined by our features.

Our secure integration with Office 365 and Gmail use OAuth2, so we never see nor store your password. Also, our login uses industry-leading end-to-end encryption to ensure your data could never be exposed to any outside threat. Finally, InMoat’s Smart Filters only scan the content of your unsolicited emailsOther, more important, emails from your Trusted Sources are never scanned, read, nor filtered.

In order for InMoat to manage your unsolicited emails, we use a secure IMAP-S connection to allow our email Smart Filters to analyze your incoming emails within milliseconds of them arriving at your inbox. As soon as an email is analyzed and filtered per your Smart Filter settings, InMoat will no longer have access to your email data ever again – so you don’t have to worry about us saving, stealing, selling, or losing your data.

To learn more about how InMoat’s email use your data read our security overview.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is InMoat?

InMoat is an email extension that gives you control over your inbox. Using AI-powered smart filters, InMoat will scan, filter, and organize unsolicited and unwanted emails as they enter your inbox.

How does InMoat Work?

InMoat uses Natural Language Processing (NLP)  models to scan and understand unsolicited and unwanted emails being sent to you. InMoat gains an understanding of the content of these emails to filter them according to your needs.

Will InMoat work with my email?

InMoat is a secure add-on that integrates with existing Gmail and Microsoft Outlook and Office365 email accounts.

We’re working on integration for other email clients and providers.

Does InMoat have a free trial?

Absolutely! InMoat offers a free 14-day trial so you can experience email productivity with InMoat’s AI-Powered smart filtering technology. Try InMoat out for 14 days and say goodbye to unwanted emails.

Stop unwanted emails